This page will introduce Find Model running Key Opinion Leader(KOL)Marketing.

About Find Model


Find Model Co., Ltd. was founded on August 16, 2016.

In May 2018, Find Model  became one of wholly-owned subsidiaries of "Social Wire Co., Ltd.", whose stock is listed on the Growth Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

A few years later, in April 2020, Find Model was merged into Social Wire Co., Ltd., and since then Find Model has been providing services as Social Wire's KOL Marketing brand.


Find Model's main business contents are as follows.

  • KOL Marketing Business
  • Operations and Management of an Official Social Media Account on Behalf of a Company
  • Operations and Management of Social Media Advertising and Digital Advertising on Behalf of a Company
  • Operations of Our Web Site(Insta Lab)
  • SNS Consulting

Of these, KOL Marketing is the Find Model's primary business.

What is KOL Marketing?

Cited from:Service Details KOL Marketing | Social Wire Co., Ltd

Key Opinion Leader(KOL) is an advertising promotion method that utilizes SNS (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, etc.) .

In KOL marketing, influencers or creators who are popular on SNS are asked to actually use a PR product or service and post reviews about it with their own experience.

Characteristics of Find Model's KOL Marketing and Social Media Marketing

The items below are characteristics of Find Model's KOL marketing.

  • A Track Record of Managing over 10,000 KOL Marketing Based Promotions
  • A Selection of an Authentic Influencer Realizes Good Cost Performance
  • A Wide Variety of Influencers
  • A List of Influencers for Free
  • Cost Structure Realizes Low Price
  • The Shortest Lead-time is 2 weeks, We Can Offer All Services Regarding KOL Marketing Based Promotion.
  • A Promotion Analysis Report for Free
  • Checking Drafts to Maximize Effectiveness
  • Secondary Use of Images Created by Influencers
  • Combined Use of Facebook・Twitter・Press Release
  • Operations and Management of an Official Social Media Account on Behalf Our Clients
  • Operations and Management of Social Media Advertising and Digital Advertising on Behalf Our Clients

Find Model Have Supported over 11,000 Promotions on Social Media

Find Model have supported over 11,000 promotions on social media since we started the company.

These are the examples of companies we have supported.


The KPI figures released to investors show that the number of offers from clients has been increasing significantly until now.

※The graph shows changes in the number of projects in each quarter.

Created with Highcharts 9.1.218/31Q18/32Q18/33Q18/34Q19/31Q19/32Q19/33Q19/34Q20/31Q20/32Q20/33Q20/34Q21/31Q21/32Q21/33Q21/34Q22/31Q0408012016020024028032022/31Q案件数: 263

(Graph:The number of Find Model's Promotion projects (KPI information)| cited from Social Wire Co., Ltd. IR library)


We support companies in various industries such as...

  • Beauty Products, Cosmetics
  • Fashion, Accessory
  • Airline Company, Travel Agency, Tourism
  • Daily Use Items, Variety Goods
  • Food products, Restaurants
  • Sporting Goods Company
  • Pet Goods
  • Event Management Company
  • Promotion in Japan by a Foreign Company
  • Promotion in a Foreign Country by Japanese Company
  • Online Shopping Company, D2C
  • etc.

The number of offers and repeat clients has been increasing every year and it proves that our clients are satisfied with our service quality.

Find Model Has Authentic Influencers Realize Good Cost Performance


※the post and audience insights of the influencer, who has a partnership with Find Model

Because we obtain audience insights of influencers, Find Model never uses fake influencers buying followers and appoints "authentic" influencers who realize successful promotion.

By selecting influencers who achieve many more reaches(the number of views) and saves(the important index suggesting the final number of purchase)than the number of his or her followers, we can implement a successful promotion realizes the best cost performance.

Based on wealth of data from our past promotions, we are able to estimate how many viewers will end up purchasing a product(=cost performance)in advance.

Find Model Has a Wide Variety of Influencers

Find Model Operates a Influencer Finder

Find Model provides the influencer finder for which over 9,000 influencers are registered and its total number of reaches is over 260 million(as of the end of Jan 2023, by doing a simple calculation, the average number of reaches is 30,000 per influencer).

Our registered influencers mainly use Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and WEAR(Of these, Instagram is the most frequently used.)

Since influencers who are good at live stream also belong to our influencer finder, you can implement a livestream shopping promotion.

Our influencer finder has a wide selection of both micro influencers having 10K-50K followers and macro / mega influencers having 100K-over 1m.

Registered influencers have a wide range of ages and genre.

So, your company can implement a campaign for a wide variety of products/services and promote them to a wide clientele such as...

  • Men and Women from Teens to 50s
  • Mothers, Fathers, and Families
  • Working Women from 20s to 30s(including DINKs)

In addition to the above clientele, you can reach people who are interested in following topics.

  • Fashion
  • Beauty and Cosmetics
  • Food Products and Restaurants
  • Daily Use Items and Variety goods
  • Products for Men
  • Outdoor
  • Travel(including promotion in Japan by a foreign company)
  • Manga・Illustration
  • Pets
  • Events
  • etc.

If your company appoint Find Model for KOL marketing, we will select the most appropriate influencer on our influencer finder(If you would like to appoint a celebrity who belongs to a talent agency, the different processes are needed. So, please consult us in advance).


By posting a job on our influencer finder, you would find an enthusiastic influencer who is committed to your promotion.

If you pick a specific influencer in advance, please tell us. we consider it.

Find Model Has a Wide Variety of Influencer

Here are some examples of our registered influencers.

influencer-1 influencer-2

Find Model has data about registered influencers' audience.

For example, if your company pick a female influencer having a lot of male followers to promote a product for women, naturally you would not reach target audience.

We consider not only the number of followers but also influencers' audience when casting, which enables effective sales promotions which achieve high engagement.

We offer consultation on KOL marketing plan and a influencer list for free. So, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cost Structure Generates Win-Win-Win

The KOL marketing services of Find Model include all of the following items.

  • Casting of Influencer
  • Directions and Management of Influencer
  • Stealth Marketing and Flaming Prevention by Checking Influencers' Draft
  • Instructions to Post and Confirmation of PR Post Complete
  • Promotion Analysis Report for Free

We can offer all these services with basic charge.

Furthermore, one of our strengths is that we provide high quality services at a relatively low price in the industry.

This is because we have our own influencer finder, which allows us to reduce a commission fee and provide one stop services.


Cited from:KOL Marketing Business | Find Model

Find Model reduces a commission fee as much as possible, so your company restrain cost for a promotion.

In addition, because we do not promote intermediaries but provide all services by ourselves, miscommunication between intermediaries can be avoided.

So, your instructions or requests are transferred to influencers smoothly and precisely.

Our reduction of a commission results in higher fee for influencers, so influencers are motivated to create high quality promotion posts.

  • Influencers can work with appropriate and higher pay
  • Clients can carry out high quality promotions which in your requests are reflected with lower cost
  • Find Model can contribute to development in the industry by connecting a companies and influencers

This Win-Win-Win structure is one of the reasons why Find Model has been chosen.

The Shortest Lead-time is 2 Weeks. The Process and Schedule from Your Offer to Completion of PR Posting

When Find Model accepts your offer, the steps we go through are as follows.

The shortest lead-time is 2 weeks.

It is a great advantage for your company to be able to consult about promotion projects and obtain influencer lists for free.

Furthermore, since you can place an order while holding the influencers you want to appoint, a promotion based your requests is successfully carried out.

Providing Promotion Analysis Report for Free

We Provide a Promotion Analysis Report for Free and Suggest Suitable Influencers for the Next Promotion.


Find Model provides promotion analysis reports for free and supports maximizing PR effectiveness in the long run by applying PDCA cycle.

Which post had the highest engagement? Why is that?

We analyze audience insights thoroughly from various angles and report it.

Based on the analysis data, we can suggest some specific influencers similar to the influencers who showed the best performance in the promotion, so our promotion analysis report is very helpful as a material to plan the next digital sales promotion.

Reliable Support System to realize a successful campaign and promotion

Precise Instructions Enable to Select the Most Suitable Influencer and Implement a Promotion Smoothly.


In Find Model, a dedicated team selects the most suitable influencer for a PR product based on company's requests.

At this selection process, we pick up a influencer who are expected to show higher PR performance based on their past performance and audience insights of their posts.

We undertake time consuming tasks such as...

  • Instructions to a Influencer on a Company's Requests
  • Sending Products etc. to a Influencer
  • Coordinating Influencer's Participation in a PR Event
  • Schedule Management for a PR project
  • Quality Control of PR posts
  • Payment for a Influencer

In addition, we do not appoint intermediaries but communicate directly with influencers.

Since we are familiar with the individuality and personality of each influencer, we can implement a promotion smoothly on schedule based on a company's request.

Checking Drafts before Posting to Prevent Stealth Marketing and Maximize PR Campaign's Effectiveness


One thing to keep in mind when implementing a KOL marketing based promotion is the prevention of stealth marketing.

Find Model always checks influencer's drafts before posting to avoid stealth marketing.

We also pay close attention to the quality of images posted by influencers.

So, we ask influencers to take photos again if we find a PR product does not look clear, brand logo is inverted, or competing products are accidentally are in the images,

We give great attention to influencer's PR posts to improve customers' brand image and maximize PR campaign's effectiveness.

Secondary Use of Images is Possible.


If you carry out the influencer marketing project with Find Model, you can reproduce images posted by influencers in a promotion(Please consult us in advance for reproduction).

For example, you can put the images on a product landing page to show off the good points of the product to visitors, or use the images as materials of social media advertising to increase your product awareness.

You can save a large amount of time and effort to create images for the advertising by using the images posted by influencers.

We Can Boost public relations by Utilizing Facebook・Twitter・Press Release


Find Model can boost public relations by utilizing press release and automatic tweets.

These services are offered by " NEWSCAST(ニュースキャスト)" and " @Press(アットプレス)" , which are the press release distribution services of Social Wire Co., Ltd.

Find Model works with these affiliates to increase public relations.

We can spread the word about promotions directly to more than 1.5 million users by combining Facebook, Twitter, etc. Furthermore, it is expected that user reviews about promotions contribute to spread public relations.

In addition, when you issue a press releases , it is expected that each media write an article based on your press release and that these articles are more widely and continuously read as stock-type content.

Find Model's Services to Support Your Promotion


Cited:Find Model

In addition to KOL marketing business, Find Model offers services for companies to support promotions and advertising.

The Summary of Find Model and The KOL Marketing Business


In the end of the article, let's summarize the strong points of Find Model.

Find Model...

    • is a marketing brand of "Social Wire Co., Ltd." listed on the Growth Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    • is particularly strong in KOL marketing business.
    • operates the website specializing in KOL marketing, "Insta Lab", which records 1.2 million PV per month.
    • has a lot of experiences supporting national clients including leading companies in Japan.
    • has authentic influencers realize good cost performance.
    • has a wide variety of influencers.
    • provides a list of influencers for free.
    • adopts cost structure realizes low price.
    • can offer all services regarding KOL marketing based promotion(The shortest lead-time is 2 weeks).
    • offers a promotion analysis report for free.
    • checks drafts to maximize effectiveness and secondary use of Images is possible.
    • combines  Facebook・Twitter・Press Release to increase promotion awareness.
    • operates and manages an official social media account on behalf our clients.
  • operates and manages social media advertising and digital advertising on behalf our clients.

Find Model plans and implements a promotion based on a client's request, which is realized by a lot of knowledge and rich experience in KOL marketing.

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